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Make-up Brush Cleaner

Handle Color

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Clean your make-up brushes in seconds and avoid pimples because of dirty brushes

Keeping your makeup brushes clean is a top priority to keep your face smooth and pimple-free. It takes too much time to wash your precious makeup brushes, you have to wait more than 24 hours to dry them completely.

There's no quicker and effective way to clean your brush. And the result is: no more tangled makeup or irritated skin from old makeup. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of this deal!

When your makeup brush is full of old makeup, it's not good for your skin. Not to mention the color contamination when using multiple colors of makeup.

Say goodbye to the traditional way of hand cleaning. This powerful tool can clean and dry the process in 20 seconds.

To prevent the accumulation of germs, professionals recommend cleaning your makeup brushes once a week. But when was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes?


✅Save a lot of time and effort cleaning brushes

✅Remove stench

✅Compatibiliteit with any style and size of make-up brushes

✅Keep your face free of pimples and irritation

✅Cleanse and effectively dries your brushes

✅Easy to use

How to use:

✨1. Pour some water and makeup brush cleaner or shampoo into the cleaner bowl.

✨2. Put the brush in a suitable container.

✨3. Dip the brush into the liquid for a few seconds.

✨4. Pour the liquid out of the bottle.

✨5. Add some warm water to the bowl and clean the brush again.

✨6. Turn to rinse.

✨7. Turn to dry.


Package Contents:
1 x Brush Cleaner Tool
1 x Water container
1 x Silicone Collars Stand
8 x Rubber holders with different sizes for different brushes
1 x Instruction


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